Four remedies that address common reactions to allergens such as: watery eyes, runny nose, itchy or burning skin/eyes/nose and sneezing. Each of the four remedies is specific to certain allergic sensations one may experience.


  1. Allium Cepa (red onion): burning nasal discharge, mild tearing, feeling “out-of-it”, throat pain

  2. Apis (honey bee): swollen eyes, nose and/or lips, red face, burning sensation of the skin, hives

  3. Euphrasia Officinalis (eyebright): burning tears, mild nasal discharge, sensitivity to light, tickling cough

  4. Sabadilla Officinalis (cevadilla seed): sneezing, itching, sensitivity to pollen, sore throat with thick phlegm

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Homeopathy is not a preventative or diagnostic medicine. Therefore, remedies should not be taken in anticipation. These kits are built using the most common remedies for the most common ailments in acute situations. When a remedy is matched appropriately and taken as per instructions indicated, we do expect the user to feel a sense of temporary relief and faster healing time. When using homeopathic remedies, taking more than indicated will not provide more relief. In fact it can have the adverse effect. Please exercise patience and care in the use of homeopathic remedies.

If you are attempting to treat a chronic problem using the remedies purchased in your remedy kit, you may not find the fast relief you are looking for. Please keep in mind that when treating chronic disease with homeopathic remedies, a constitutional remedy chosen and administered by a trained homeopath is necessary in order to move towards a more permanent sense of relief and healing. This process will require booking a full chronic consultation in order for the homeopath to gain a whole understanding of your remedy picture. All patients are treated individually; no two cases are alike.

Homeopathic treatment is not a replacement for medical care. If you or your loved ones are experiencing discomfort that would otherwise require medical attention, it is recommended that you visit your medical practitioner.