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We are so happy to be able to offer you the eight most common homeopathic remedies used to alleviate headaches. Each remedy was selected to represent the most common symptoms experienced during a headache. The homeopathic materia medica contains hundreds of remedies to treat headache symptoms. We’ve narrowed these down for you to use in acute care situations in order to help ease the pain and discomfort and allow for more freedom to feel like yourself.


what do these eight remedies do?

BELLADONNA (nightshade) 200C

This will feel and look like an angry headache. It is sudden, intense, congestive and has throbbing or pulsating pain. The Belladonna state is sensitive to sound. Everything feels jarring. You feel the need to rest and desire complete darkness. It is highly useful in febrile conditions (fevers).

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: throbbing or sudden pains, pressure from the inside out, nausea/vomiting, red hot face/skin, cold hands and feet, pain in the forehead, temples, occiput (back of head), glaring eyes/anger, dry mouth, fever, vertigo


BENEFICIAL FACTORS: lying on abdomen, rest, darkness, pressure on part, boring head into pillow

ALSO HELPS WITH: angry fevers, otitis media, mastitis

MENTAL: over sensitive, angry

EMOTIONAL: desire to strike, over excited

STRANGE BUT TRUE: craves lemons


A Calcarea Carbonica headache is especially indicated when the body or mind has been overexerted. There is a sort of jaded state of mind due to being overworked. Your sweat glands may go into overdrive, even on your head and you are extremely sensitive to the cold.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: eye strain (students), worse after lunch/end of day, accompanied by a stomach ache or flatulence, chilled, feeling of weakness in the body

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: school work, being exposed in the elements, change of weather, puberty, fruit, melting snow

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: summertime, warmth, arid, lying down

ALSO HELPS WITH: growing pains, arthritis, anemia, neck ache

MENTAL: boredom, complaining, homesick yet desire to travel, forgetful, grief

STRANGE BUT TRUE: metallic taste in mouth

CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA (calcium phosphate) 200C

While the Calcarea Phosphorica headache can easily be confused with the Calcarea Carbonicum headache, there are some differentiating symptoms to indicate this remedy. First is that your headache comes on after a change in weather. It’s also well indicated if the headaches began with the onset of puberty or perhaps after hearing bad news or feeling grief. Another indication of the Calc Phos headache is a stiff neck and hazy mind or if your headache is accompanied by abdominal flatulence, great hunger and thirst.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: chronic headaches or migraines, stress induced, sense of weight on top of head, vertigo, pale face/profuse sweating, cold feet and hands, itchy scalp

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: morning, cold, dampness, dentition, before menses, light, exertion, ascending stairs

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: eating, dark room, dry climate, pressure to head

ALSO HELPS WITH: constipation, eczema, gout, lower back pain

MENTAL: anxiety, lack of ambition, overworked, despair, strong feeling of responsibility, apprehensive, forgetful

STRANGE BUT TRUE: craves eggs/chalk/paper

CIMICIFUGA (black cohosh) 200C

This remedy has wide action on the cerebrospinal and muscular system. The pains may be described like electric shocks. You feel irritable and the headache approaches after much mental worry. The sensation is like a wave of pain pressing outward. You may experience tinnitus making you extremely sensitive to the least amount of noise.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: tension in the cervical spine (neck), feels like skull will lift off, neuralgic pain in the vertex (top), aching at base of skull– like a bolt, night sweats, oversensitive (noise), shooting throbbing wave like pains, pressing outward pains

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: menses, morning time, alcohol, damp, cold, wind

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: warmth, open air, pressure, eating, rest

ALSO HELPS WITH: anxiety, sciatica, twitches, tinnitus

MENTAL: loquacity, dull, indifferent

STRANGE BUT TRUE: as if a cloud is enveloping you

GLONOINUM (nitroglycerin) 200C

This remedy is indicated when the headache comes with great lassitude (lack of energy). You may also feel like you get easily wound up if someone contradicts you. Your headache comes with congestion and or hyperaemia (excess of blood) in the head. This is an excellent remedy for headaches associated with hypertension or sudden irregularities of circulation. You may describe the pain as pulsating. Confusion is also indicated in this remedy along with dizziness. It is an excellent treatment for the effects of sunstroke. Your head feels extremely large, heavy and the thought of any heat is unbearable.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: as if head might explode, hammering/pulsating rhythm, blood surges from head to heart, hot flashes, congestion, dizziness, head feels large

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: sun, daytime, stimulants, alcohol

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: cool weather, shade, cold applications, head elevated

ALSO HELPS WITH: menopause, sunstroke, sun vacation hangover

MENTAL: loses way, confusion

STRANGE BUT TRUE: craving tobacco

PULSATILLA (wind flower) 200C

This remedy is especially indicated for mild, gentle and yielding disposition of self. Perhaps you feel weepy or sad. Your headache symptoms continue to change and you can’t quite describe the pain itself. You feel better with your head propped up in bed.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: disturbance in circulatory or hormonal system, overheated, pain changes quickly/wandering stitches around the head, pain extends to face and teeth (neuralgic), pressure on vertex (top), vertigo, thirst-less

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: overworking, warm room, eating fat rich foods, puberty/pregnancy, 2-4 pm into the evening

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: open air, motion, cold applications, cold food and drinks

ALSO HELPS WITH: bronchitis, hormonal phases, UTI

MENTAL: softness, needs consolation

EMOTIONAL: weepy, forsaken

STRANGE BUT TRUE: sensation like cold water is being poured down your back

NATRUM MURIATICUM (common salt) 200C

This can be described as a blinding headache that comes on in the morning and lasts until nightfall. Natrum Muriaticum is well indicated for chronic headaches and an anemic disposition. In acute situations you may feel nervous or discouraged. The headache is relieved by sleep. It can also be accompanied by frontal sinus inflammation.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: bursting, hammering, throbbing pain — like head in a vise, starts on right side (can move), visual disturbances, vomiting, periodicity (every other day/week month), pale face, anemic or debility, numbness/tingling in lips, frontal sinus headache, dry mucous membranes, thirsty for cold drink

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: grief, eyestrain, menstruation, heat, sun, noise

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: sleep, bathing perspiration, open air, pressure on back

ALSO HELPS WITH: irregular menses, intermittent fever, rheumatic gout

MENTAL: walled off, sensitive, dwells on past, silent grief, depression

IRIS VERSICOLOR (blue flag) 200C

If your headache also comes with flu like symptoms this remedy is well indicated. The pain is felt at the front of the head and possibly your right temple. Your scalp feels tight. Your vision may be blurred and you almost feel worse after resting.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: profuse urination, blurred vision with pain, pain in temple or above the eye — alternates sides, nausea, vomiting, ringing in ears

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: evening, 2-3 am, after resting, sugar, heat

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: continual motion, cold applications

ALSO HELPS WITH: shingles, gastroenteritis

MENTAL: discouraged, restlessness at night


When choosing your remedy, try to match the energy expressed by the allergy symptoms being felt throughout your body physically, emotionally and mentally. We are all susceptible to different resonating energies at any given point in our lives. Homeopathic remedies are potentized to hold the resonating frequency of the substance it represents. When we match the energy picture of the individual’s allergy symptoms with a similar energy of the chosen remedy, they will cancel each other out. This will then provide the body the space it needs to heal itself through homeostasis- a state the body will always strive to be in. The more organized the body system is, the more capable it will be in reacting to stress and disease or in this case, allergies.


Take one dose. If after thirty minutes you feel no change, take a second dose (up to five doses daily). Stop dosing as soon as you start to feel relief. Re-dose if you feel the remedy is wearing off.

If you do not experience any relief after taking a remedy, revisit the remedy descriptions to see if another remedy is better suited to your current energy picture. If you are not sure between two remedies, it is OK to rotate between the two, thirty minutes apart. It is recommended to only rotate between two remedies at a time. Stop dosing once you start to feel relief.\

FYI: Mint (tea or toothpaste), camphor (tiger balm or vapour rub) and coffee are all possible antidotes to homeopathic treatment. For best results, it is advised that you space out your use of these types of products a minimum of an hour before and after taking a homeopathic remedy.


Your remedies are potentized to the centesimal scale. This is a 1 in 100 dilution factor. Therefore, 200C would be two hundred serial dilutions of 1 in 100. This method of trituration creates different potencies in remedies. Generally you can find remedies in stores at a 6C, 12C or 30C potency. As the number of dilutions increase, the potency gets higher. At 12C (which equates to 10 to the power of 24) and above, the dilution factor exceeds Avogadro's number. It is past the dilution of 12C where the ability to measure molecular substance stops. Past molecular presence is where the energetic stimulus increases in depth. Higher potencies are less material in nature and will therefore stimulate the energetic parts of the human being.


Homeopathic remedies are safe for adults, children, elderly and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please consult your practitioner if you are pregnant, prior to using homeopathy. Expected results are for use in non-emergency acute care situations.

It is strongly recommended that you seek medical attention if your medical concerns persist.

Homeopathy is a safe and natural method of treatment, however, these remedy kits are designed for use in non-emergency situations. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, are having trouble breathing, have hit your head, or otherwise injured yourself —please seek immediate medical attention.

Storage: Keep your remedies in a cool and dark place away from UV light and electromagnetic frequencies.

Side Effects: If you are experiencing chronic health concerns it is possible to feel short term/palliative relief using these remedies, however, curative results may vary.

If you notice a slight aggravation of current symptoms following a remedy dose it is likely that the remedy choice was correct and symptoms should subside shortly.


We’re here for you. Contact our team at hello@thisremedy.com so we can help guide you through your journey and make the most of your kit experience.