30 minutes

$105 / includes your unique remedy



This type of appointment is highly recommended for all patients (three months post initial consultation).


It is common that following homeopathic treatment the patient feels relief and freedom from their initial complaint. While this is considered a sign of healing – it’s important for your homeopath to be fully aware of any changes (good or bad) to your constitution. An evaluation of your healing process is just as important as the evaluation of your disease picture.

During follow up consultations your homeopath will review your original case with you. You will be asked to elaborate on how you feel, your energy levels, changes to the physical body and or original complaint, any other mental or emotional changes that you’ve noticed as well as any new symptoms that may have come up following your remedy. At this time, your homeopath may choose to keep you on the same remedy, increase the potency of your remedy or change your remedy.