Dizziness can be described in many ways. Floating, spinning, falling, leaning, as if intoxicated, shaking, rocking, sinking; while objects may seem near/far/big/small,etc...The right homeopathic remedy is found in the details. Homeopaths love the nitty gritty of what the patient is experiencing. We want them to tell us in as much detail as possible how the vertigo affects them. Does it come on in the morning/afternoon/evening? Do they feel it in their head/body/legs? Does it affect their mood or does their mood affect the vertigo? Does it come on from looking at things in motion/being in motion/still/ascending/descending/lying down/standing/walking/after eating or drinking? These are only a small sample of the many ways vertigo can express itself in the body. Through exploring the details of an individual's personal experience of vertigo, a trained homeopath will have the tools to find the right match in a similar remedy picture. The deeper the details, the closer the match. The closer the match, the deeper the healing. 

Kylie WardKylie Ward, Vertigo