The phrase “Less is More” is applied in the making as well as the dosing of homeopathic remedies. The theory and concept behind homeopathy is based in the idea of like cures like or as we refer to as the law of similars. From the moment of birth, the human is being dynamically influenced by its surrounding environment, which means our bodies must work continuously at maintaining homeostasis within. If outside stimuli becomes more than the body can resist naturally then its equilibrium becomes unbalanced and we start to show symptoms which can be, depending on our state of health (susceptibility), felt on the mental, emotional or physical levels. Based on how we as individuals experience this imbalance is also a major clue towards the remedy that will help bring us back to a healthy state.

Less is more in our remedies in order to bring the cure closer to the source of the disease itself. Homeopathic remedies are energetically based. We say this because at a certain point in the preparation of a remedy, through dilution and succussion (shaking), when the dilution factor exceeds Avogadro's number, the ability to measure molecular substance stops. Past molecular presence is where the energetic stimulus increases in depth. Higher potencies are less material in nature and will therefore resonate with the energetic parts of the human being. This is where the source of the disease lies and this is where, if it hasn’t gone too far, cure can happen.

We all recognize that feeling when we are about to get sick. That little flicker of knowledge you are receiving from your own body saying, “something isn’t right”. It’s subtle, rarely recognized and extremely powerful. In order to understand what that moment of knowing is telling us, we study the experience of the illness that follows. We also study the experience of possible remedies separately (provings). When two of them are alike, we match them by giving the patient an equal remedy picture to that which they experience in their disease. When two versions of the same energy frequency collide, they will cancel each other out. When this happens in the body system, homeostasis is reestablished and the individual will begin to feel better.

Less is more in our dosing schedule because a homeopathic remedy isn’t what’s actually healing you. Your body heals you. The remedy is matching the disease energy and cancelling it out so that the body has the ability to proceed accordingly. If a remedy is used too often, you start reintroducing the energy back into the body system, causing similar symptoms of the original disease itself. It is important to be working with a trained homeopath in order to determine your best fit remedy to your energy picture and equally so to determine a dosing schedule and to monitor your progression of healing towards cure (law of similars)

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