Earlier on in my homeopathic journey a friend of mine asked for a remedy to help him sleep. I was relatively new to acute prescribing and figured I’d start with the obvious remedy Coffea Cruda (unroasted coffee beans) in a 30C potency. He said it helped. Sort of.

Here’s where I went wrong, I didn’t take the proper time to ask the right questions. He did not give the impression of a Coffea case yet in my naivety and eagerness to help, I reached for the first thing that came to mind. While he felt some relief, there was by no means a cure. 

Here’s how I would approach this same case now:

First I would address the considerable factors: is there something going on in his life right now that’s stressful, exciting, overwhelming, anticipatory? How do any of those listed things affect him? Is his bed comfortable? Is his sleeping space quiet and calm? What is his typical eating schedule and diet, exercise schedule and routine? Is he taking any medications and is there any previous disease diagnosis to be aware of? All of this information would give me a better picture into his life as experienced by him and would help lead me to the most similar remedy picture to that which he describes.

Coffea Cruda is a great remedy for an over excited and racing mind, but he never said that was his issue. I hadn’t considered the sensation behind the symptom of sleeplessness. I should have given him something more suited to being exhausted and overworked, an entirely different remedy. That is where eliminating the insomnia would be possible. This lesson for me wasn’t learned in whole until a couple more years of study had passed. Now if I catch myself in eagerness to help, reaching for the first remedy that comes to mind when someone asks for something that will subside their insomnia, or stomach ache or constipation or a cold etc. I will stop and ask them more questions in order to understand their experience, otherwise the remedy will only just "sort of" help.


To note: 

  • Each individual experience of insomnia is unique to the person it effects. It is highly recommended to book a full initial consult when seeking homeopathic care for insomnia as it’s commonly one symptom of a larger picture well worth exploring.

  • Insomnia or sleep disorders can also be a symptom of a more complex health issue or physical illness. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder it is important that you address this with your family doctor.

Nicole Irene Dyck