Like most who’ve ever experienced a bad headache, I know when it’s coming, usually due to a change in weather on top of a high stress point. I feel spaced out and my vision is slightly blurred. There’s a moment of panic when this occurs...I can’t take the day off, I don’t want to take the day off, please don’t let this be what I know it is! And then the homeopath in me takes on the situation. 

Rewind to 2014 when I tried to skip student clinic due to a migraine. I texted my teacher and got the response, “Come to clinic and we will treat you for an acute”. I sat down with my fellow students and teacher to relate my experience since the headache started three days ago. It started with tension in my neck and shoulders, the stiffness continued the next day as well as waves of aching pain to the base of my head (occiput region). I remember as I was sitting in clinic trying to explain the crazy inside pressure and shooting pains that were happening in my head, I felt this overpowering sense of emotion come through me. The headache was coinciding with some pretty intense personal stuff happening to a loved one which I realized was affecting me more than I could admit prior to addressing the headache itself. They prescribed me Cimicifuga (black cohoosh) in a 200C potency. I took one dose and when my teacher checked in with me twenty minutes later, the headache was gone. I still felt stiffness throughout my shoulders, neck and skull so she gave me another dose to take before bed. The next day I woke up completely pain free and relaxed. It was such a relief.

To this day, if I feel a headache coming I’ll check in with myself, am I tense? Am I stressed? Does this feel like a Cimicifuga headache? If the answers are yes, I hit the remedy kit and take a dose. This keeps the headache at bay and if I need to, I’ll take one or two more doses throughout the day until I know my body has the energy to overcome its susceptibility to the pain. I still get that feeling of panic when I sense a big headache coming on, but it’s quickly followed by the feeling of knowing I have the potential to avoid the suffering which follows.