INTRO / 15 min / FREE

Are you considering homeopathy but still have a few questions you’d like answered prior to booking a consult? Email to book your free 15 minute intro to homeopathy and together we can go over your questions and explain how you can integrate homeopathy into your life.

*NOTE* the 15 minute intro to homeopathy is not an acute consultation. Your homeopath will not be suggesting remedies during this time.

consultation BREAKDOWN

Please review the descriptions below prior to booking.


ACUTE / 20 min / $75

Think fast and furious – moves through your body quickly and painfully. For example: the flu, a head cold, a sprained ankle or a sunburn. In the attempt to treat chronic disease acutely, one may feel some relief – however the relief would be considered palliative and symptoms may return.

CHRONIC / 60 min / $210

Unless you are otherwise healthy to the best of your medical physician’s knowledge, it is in the best interest of the patient to book a chronic consultation (not an acute) with us. When left untreated, true chronic disease will continue to increase or repeat as well as lead into further unwanted symptoms. It is highly recommended to schedule a chronic consultation when treating any symptoms which you have experienced longer than two weeks or has reoccurred more than once. A ten minute follow up is included in your chronic consultation fee and can only be booked following your appointment.

ATHLETIC INITIAL / 50 min / $145

This is a specialized consultation geared towards improving ones athletic abilities, as well as healing past and or present injuries. Homeopath Michelle Mackenzie specializes in working with athletes to maintain drive and determination while increasing stamina and performance. A ten minute follow up is included in the fee.

FOLLOW UP (6-8 wks following chronic) / 30 min / $105

This type of appointment is highly recommended for all patients (three months post initial consultation). During a follow up consultation your homeopath will review your original case with you. You will be asked to elaborate on how you feel, your energy levels, changes to the physical body and or original complaint, any other mental or emotional changes that you’ve noticed as well as any new symptoms that may have come up following your remedy. At this time, your homeopath may choose to keep you on the same remedy, increase the potency of your remedy or change your remedy. (Remedy’s are included in consultation fee).









Full disclosure

Homeopathic treatment is not a replacement for medical care. If you or your loved ones are experiencing discomfort that you would otherwise seek medical attention for, it is recommended that you visit your medical practitioner.

All patients are treated as individual cases. No two cases are alike.

Homeopathy can be used alongside pharmaceutical medicines and treatment.

Homeopathic assessment is not a diagnosis of disease. Please see a medical practitioner for disease diagnostics.