welcome to the ACTIVE BODY kit

We are so happy to be able to offer you the twelve most common homeopathic remedies used to treat ailments and injuries that may result from an active lifestyle. Each remedy was selected to represent the most common symptoms experienced by athletes, labourers, and or injured bodies. The homeopathic materia medica contains hundreds of remedies to treat physical injury and pain and to aid in the healing process. We’ve narrowed these down for you to use in acute care situations in order to help the body heal and allow for more freedom to feel like yourself.


what do these twelve remedies do?

ACONITE NAPELLUS (monkshood) 200C

This is the first remedy to reach for after any injury when shock is indicated. The most obvious sign that aconite in needed is when the person injured says they are fine, refuses help from others and does not want to be touched. Shock can also bring about a state of fear, anxiety and anguish.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: shock/injury/trauma — trembling, pounding heart , restless/anxious/panic, shaken, early stages of illness after exposure to cold or dry winds, high fever, intense sudden pain, cerebral accident, faintness, overheating, sunstroke, one red cheek one pale cheek

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: warm room, night, tobacco smoke


ALSO HELPS WITH: anxiety, bell’s palsy, colds, croup, conjunctivitis, influenza, labor, panic disorders, UTI

MENTAL: intense fear, shock, anxiety

ARNICA MONTANA (leopard’s bane) 200C

Use arnica following any injuries, falls, blows or contusions. It is also helpful in healing infected wounds.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: bruising, trauma, sprains, muscle blows/sore muscles, area is sensitive to touch, use in trauma - past or present, over-exertion, post traumatic arthritis, post traumatic neurological damage, falls/blows/contusions, septic conditions, prophylactic pus infection, body aches, injury to any organ, pre and post surgery, acts as a muscle tonic

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: jarring, labor, alcohol, over exertion


ALSO HELPS WITH: Meniere’s disease, nosebleeds, cough

MENTAL: headstrong, resistant to other’s help, fears being touched or approached

STRANGE BUT TRUE: bed feels extremely hard


This remedy is used for injuries to deep tissues, sprains, or following surgery. While muscular tissue and blood vessels are most indicated with Bellis Perennis, it will also aid in healing injuries to nerves with intense soreness. Any trauma to the pelvic area will also benefit from using this remedy. Bellis Perennis can alleviate stasis and swelling experienced after years of laborious work.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: deep tissue contusions, sprains, trauma, injuries to glands, injuries to abdomen, inflammation of the nerves, swelling, rheumatism, surgery, old injuries, trauma, stasis, bruised sore joints, abscess, sprains, venous congestion, varicose veins in pregnancy

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: 3 am, heat in bed

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: lying down, cold, motion, rubbing

ALSO HELPS WITH: boils, acne, enlarged spleen, coccyx pain

MENTAL: impulse to move

STRANGE BUT TRUE: foul diarrhea that’s worse at night

BRYONIA ALBA (wild hop) 200C

Used for aching, stitching, tearing muscles. Your mucus membranes will feel dry and you will be very thirsty. This remedy is especially useful for the robust and firm and lean physicality. Pain is often felt primarily on the right side and in the evening and more likely after cold days. The pain is also apt to develop slowly.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: tendinitis, fractures, worse with motion, very sensitive, better with warmth and pressure, inflammation, muscle aches, stitching/tearing pain, dry membranes, thirsty for large amounts of cold water, delirious, head pain/throbbing

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: 9 pm, motion, warmth, eating

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: rest, wet weather, cool air, pressure, cold drink


MENTAL: irritability, efficient

STRANGE BUT TRUE: vivid anxious dreams

CALCAREA CARBONICUM (carbonate of lime) 200C

This remedy is indicated for rheumatoid pains, sprains, cramps, weakness of extremities, swollen joints (mainly in the knees) and torn muscles. The main complaint for Calcarea Carbonicum would be related to a feeling of weakness. Your face may be pale. Any type of physical exertion makes you feel worse.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: over exertion, exhaustion, twisting of joints, slow healing/wounds not healing, cramping when stretching, chronic sprains and instability, rheumatoid pains, impaired nutrition, swollen glands, lower back pain, sweating hands

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: ascending, cold, motion, mental exertion,

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: dry climate, lying on the painful side, Better with warmth

ALSO HELPS WITH: constipation

MENTAL: anxiety of health, overworked

STRANGE BUT TRUE: sensation of internal trembling, night terrors

HYPERICUM PERFORATUM (st. john’s wart) 200C

This remedy is indicated when you’ve received injury to the nerves most notably in the extremities. The pain is felt in an extreme way. It’s a great remedy to use after surgery to relieve the pain. This is a great remedy for injury to the coccyx.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: injuries to nervous tissue, injuries to vertebrae, useful following surgery, radiating nerve pain, sensations of numbness, weakness or muscle paralysis, contusion/laceration, punctures (parts rich in nerves), tips of fingers/tongue/teeth/eyes/genitals/coccyx, shooting tearing pain along the nerves, head injury, darting pain in shoulders, pain in nape of neck

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: jarring, foggy weather

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: lying down, quiet

ALSO HELPS WITH: concussion, fractures, sprains

MENTAL: depression, nostalgia

STRANGE BUT TRUE: phantom limb pain

LEDUM (marsh tea) 200C

This remedy is used for any type of puncture wound or penetration of the skin. Indicated for all types of bites or injury produced by sharp-pointed objects. This is an important remedy to use when tetanus is a threat, even if your tetanus vaccination is up to date, use Ledum. Ledum is also useful for rheumatoid pain that starts at the feet and moves upwards as well as gouty pain and cracking joints.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: wounds, punctures/lacerations, bites, purple bruising with swelling, cold to touch, injury to fibrous tissue, joints, tendons, capillary circulation, injury to skin/blood/nerves


BENEFICIAL FACTORS: cold bathing, ice

ALSO HELPS WITH: rheumatic pains, sprains, gout

MENTAL: dissatisfaction, misanthropy

STRANGE BUT TRUE: mottled puffy skin

RUTA (herb of grace) 200C

Works wonders on cartilage and tendons as well as the spine. These areas feel bruised and lame with a general weakness. Extremities are stiff and perhaps contracted. There is a feeling of restlessness.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: pain from repeated over exertion, tendon pain (mainly hands and ankles), stiff weak joints, weeping sinews (bible bump), injury to periosteum (open fractures), fatigue, connective tissue injury, hardened bruising, nodes on palms, arthritic pains, acute bursitis, chronic injury to tendons, fibrosis, nodular growths, ganglion cysts

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: cold, lying down

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: lying on your back, warmth, motion

ALSO HELPS WITH: headache, lower back pain, neuralgia, panic disorder

MENTAL: dissatisfaction, anxiety, panic

EMOTIONAL: contradictory

STRANGE BUT TRUE: feels as though you’ve committed a crime or are being deceived 

RHUS TOXICODENDRON (poison ivy) 200C

Rheumatic pain that is ameliorated (helped) by movement. Rhus Toxicodendron affects fibrous tissues of the joints, tendons, sheaths etc. Stiffness is a notable complaint which gets better with movement.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: stiff and painful joints, initial motion painful, restlessness, periodic complaints, lower back pain, arthritis, restless legs, bursitis, tendinitis, rheumatic pains


BENEFICIAL FACTORS: change of position, rubbing, stretching, movement, warmth

ALSO HELPS WITH: whiplash, sciatica

MENTAL: restlessness

STRANGE BUT TRUE: feels like you’re made of glass or wood 


Use this remedy when there is a marked redness and swelling over joints. The pain can be severe and described as pulling. This remedy is also useful for rheumatic stiffness felt mainly in the shoulders and neck.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: sprain, redness over joint, painful swelling, sleeplessness after trauma, rheumatic pain, right shoulder/bicep, severe drawing pain, heavy pressure in head, dry nose

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: sudden changes in temperature

ALSO HELPS WITH: hay fever, diarrhea, UTI, dry hacking cough

MENTAL: confusion of ideas

EMOTIONAL: malaise, talkative

STRANGE BUT TRUE: feels as if you’re floating or your legs are floating in the air 

STRONTIUM CARBONICUM (carbonate of strontium) 200C

This remedy is used for returning rheumatic pains and sprains that make you feel sick all over your body. It’s helpful for post surgery recovery and nerve pain due to swelling. Strontium is a remedy for aching bones and cramping legs and feet. Your joints will be sore, your feet cold and the veins in your hands engorged.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: localized weakness of joints- ankles, longtime swelling/suffering, rheumatic pains, chronic sprains, affections of bones, shock after operations, pains make you feel sick/loss of appetite, pulsating arteries, restlessness at night/cramps in calves and soles

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: change of weather, starting to move, cold

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: being immersed in hot water 

ALSO HELPS WITH: vertigo with headache and nausea, burning redness of eyes, lost appetite, diarrhea, fever with aversion to uncover, stenosis of oesophagus 

MENTAL: feeling smothered 


Symphytum will stimulate the growth of epithelium (skin) as well as sinew, tendons and the periosteum (connective tissue of the bone). Use this remedy if you’ve broken or fractured your bones.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: bone healing/fracture, retarded bone healing, injury to actual eyeball, trauma, fractures, damage to periosteum, injury to tendons, prickling pain, brittle bones, injuries of the elderly, sprains

CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: blows from blunt instruments, pressure

BENEFICIAL FACTORS: warmth, gentle motion

ALSO HELPS WITH: ulcers, neuralgia of the knee, phantom limb pain, hernia

EMOTIONAL: dwells on the past

STRANGE BUT TRUE: a desire to pick your nose, pain comes down the bone of the nose– has an affinity to cartilage, flat bones and the periosteum 


When choosing your remedy, try to match the energy expressed by the allergy symptoms being felt throughout your body physically, emotionally and mentally. We are all susceptible to different resonating energies at any given point in our lives. Homeopathic remedies are potentized to hold the resonating frequency of the substance it represents. When we match the energy picture of the individual’s allergy symptoms with a similar energy of the chosen remedy, they will cancel each other out. This will then provide the body the space it needs to heal itself through homeostasis- a state the body will always strive to be in. The more organized the body system is, the more capable it will be in reacting to stress and disease or in this case, allergies.


Take one dose. If after thirty minutes you feel no change, take a second dose (up to five doses daily). Stop dosing as soon as you start to feel relief. Re-dose if you feel the remedy is wearing off.

If you do not experience any relief after taking a remedy, revisit the remedy descriptions to see if another remedy is better suited to your current energy picture. If you are not sure between two remedies, it is OK to rotate between the two, thirty minutes apart. It is recommended to only rotate between two remedies at a time. Stop dosing once you start to feel relief.\

FYI: Mint (tea or toothpaste), camphor (tiger balm or vapour rub) and coffee are all possible antidotes to homeopathic treatment. For best results, it is advised that you space out your use of these types of products a minimum of an hour before and after taking a homeopathic remedy.


Your remedies are potentized to the centesimal scale. This is a 1 in 100 dilution factor. Therefore, 200C would be two hundred serial dilutions of 1 in 100. This method of trituration creates different potencies in remedies. Generally you can find remedies in stores at a 6C, 12C or 30C potency. As the number of dilutions increase, the potency gets higher. At 12C (which equates to 10 to the power of 24) and above, the dilution factor exceeds Avogadro's number. It is past the dilution of 12C where the ability to measure molecular substance stops. Past molecular presence is where the energetic stimulus increases in depth. Higher potencies are less material in nature and will therefore stimulate the energetic parts of the human being.


Homeopathic remedies are safe for adults, children, elderly and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please consult your practitioner if you are pregnant, prior to using homeopathy. Expected results are for use in non-emergency acute care situations.

It is strongly recommended that you seek medical attention if your medical concerns persist.

Homeopathy is a safe and natural method of treatment, however, these remedy kits are designed for use in non-emergency situations. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, are having trouble breathing, have hit your head, or otherwise injured yourself —please seek immediate medical attention.

Storage: Keep your remedies in a cool and dark place away from UV light and electromagnetic frequencies.

Side Effects: If you are experiencing chronic health concerns it is possible to feel short term/palliative relief using these remedies, however, curative results may vary.

If you notice a slight aggravation of current symptoms following a remedy dose it is likely that the remedy choice was correct and symptoms should subside shortly.


We’re here for you. Contact our team at hello@thisremedy.com so we can help guide you through your journey and make the most of your kit experience.