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It is time to experience health, well-being and freedom in your life. 

Remedy was created to empower you with the knowledge and ability to integrate homeopathy into your life. We do this by offering homeopathic consultations and products – so that you will know and understand everything you need to about this incredible holistic treatment. 

Homeopathy is an energy based medicine in that it’s targeting an entire symptom picture not just single parts. We want to get to know you on all levels- mentally, emotionally and physically, in order to understand how your ailment or pain or disease affects you. The reason why, is that once we get to know your full symptom picture, then we can match it with a similar remedy picture.

The the basis of homeopathy is like cures like, or as we like to call it, the law of similars. The law of similars is based on the concept of destructive interference. In order to cancel the symptom energy within the body system we match it with a similar energy found in a remedy so that it will calm the disease and allow your body the space it needs to heal itself.

The only way the body can truly heal is by establishing equilibrium or balance found through homeostasis. the more balanced the body system is, the more optimal it functions. That’s our goal with you.



this is energy based healing

Homeopathy is the treatment of symptom pictures

Rather than treating parts of your body as isolated areas for disease diagnosis, this treatment recognizes you as a whole being. It requires spending time to understand your energy “picture” and how you experience disease in your life. This includes how it affects you, to what degree and on what level(s) you are being affected. Homeopathic analysis uses the information gathered to match your energy picture with a similar remedy picture found in the homeopathic Materia Medica. When the correct remedy is used at the best determined potency to the disease picture, you will begin to feel relief; the body will have been given the space to heal itself and start moving towards a better sense of wellness within.

How does it work?

As living beings we are constantly impacted by our environments and surrounding energies. As a result, we experience a variety of mental, emotional and physical responses to these external stressors. If your body and mind are in a state of imbalance, disease may occur. The imbalance may be considered acute/temporary– as in a cold or flu, or chronic/severe – as in disease or recurring pain. Homeopathic treatment has the potential to help re-establish the body’s defence mechanisms. A homeopathic approach to health and wellness addresses healing from an energetic standpoint. All forms of energy have the potential to influence surrounding matter and homeopathy is about increasing the strength of your body’s vital force to eliminate your susceptibility to the presenting disease thus allowing your body to heal.



Meet the team

We believe in a self-guided expression to natural and holistic healing. We want to collectively share our knowledge and help anyone interested in finding a natural approach to their well-being and health through homeopathy. 

We are based in Calgary, Alberta. All consultations are video appointments booked through the secure and HIPAA compliant software of Simple Practice-Telehealth. Appointments may be booked from anywhere at anytime.


Kylie Ward Classical Homeopath, CCH (Cand), BFA

As a homeopath, Kylie is focussed on the individual’s susceptibility and human expression of subtle energies. She attended Western College of Homeopathic Medicine to acquire her certification. During her education, she spent time studying in Pune, India where homeopathy is commonly used alongside with modern medicine. Homeopathy has defined a healing process for her in a way that makes sense. Her goal with her practice is to share homeopathy with others in a way that resonates with their unique needs allowing them to integrate it seamlessly into their lives.


Michelle Mackenzie Classical Homeopath, CCH (Cand), BA Arch

Michelle’s journey with homeopathy started after finishing a degree in archaeology and anthropology. She had a desire to understand human beings through their cultural environments and their use of medicine. This curiosity led her to integrate homeopathic treatment into her home. As a homeopath today, she continues to seek knowledge and find solutions that make a difference to the lives of her clients.


Deanndra Dawn Classical Homeopath, CCH (Cand) 

Deanndra’s story with homeopathy began with her time spent at Western College of Homeopathic Medicine. In October 2017, she was awarded the designation of Certified Classical Homeopath (Cand.) by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, which is currently the highest available certification for homeopaths in North America. Her journey with homeopathy has been very diverse and rewarding. This alternative health modality has enriched her life in many ways and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you.


Richa Bhatia Classical Homeopath, DCH, CCH (Cand) 

Richa is a passionate Homeopath Practitioner who desires to help her clients achieve complete physical, mental and social well being. She grew up in India immersed in alternative medicine, be it Homeopathy or Ayurveda and has personally experienced its holistic benefits for the health and well being of herself and her family. She attended Western College of Homeopathic Medicine and as part of her training, worked with a travelling AIDS Homeopathic Clinic in Tanzania, Africa. Richa is active in the community and volunteers with Alberta Homeopathic Association as their Secretary.




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To properly assess each individual case it’s important to first gain an understanding of you as a whole picture. When you undergo homeopathic treatment our team will be assessing you holistically so that they can understand how you mentally, emotionally and physically experience your disease. This helps us narrow your treatment down from thousands of possible remedies to one single remedy. 


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Homeopathy is a safe and natural method of treatment for many common ailments. Please note, it is not a preventative medicine. Our remedy kits are designed for use in non-emergency situations. Take a peek!